Brochure for real estate company - The Clough Team

The Clough Team – Brochure

This brochure was design for a Real Estate Company in Franklin, TN to use on their property listings.

A brochure has three functions:

Informative function: brochures are used to inform potential customers with regards to your a new product or service that your company offers.

Advertising function: a brochure is an important advertising tool, which attractively allows you to promote one or more products or services.

Identification function: a well-done brochure design allows you to maintain a same theme through all your company brochures. If this theme (sometimes called concept) is unified in all the brochure types, it will make your company to be recognized automatically. It will give to your company prestige and credibility. It is important for your company brochure not only have a “concept”, but also to have a logo: a well designed logo is essential for any company, is one of the first steps to start an advertising campaign.

If you think you need a brochure designed, please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

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